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Gray Squirrels


squirrel removal

Hall's Wildlife Control and Animal Removal

...We specialize in squirrel removal,exclusion and prevention. We perform extensive inspections on your home or business to identify all possible entry points with detailed recommended solutions to  solve all animal conflicts .

We perform guaranteed repairs to make your homes and businesses animal proof !

Including - gable vents,fan vent,roof vents,soffit vents,dormers,facial boards,gable ends ,holes and gaps in

                          walls and roof lines


We have 20yrs experience in solving animal conflicts in the Hampton Roads area and  we are licensed Animal Control Specialist

Service  area  Suffolk-Norfolk-Hampton-Newport News- Williamsburg-Virginia beach-Chesapeake-Portsmouth-Seaford-Poquoson-Franklin



squirrel facts and habits

Southern flying squirrel


Fliers are crepuscular  (active at night)

They live in communal groups with up to 25 individuals and have a gestation period of 40 days.

They have 1 to 6 young per litter and are omnivores and eat wide variety of foods including nuts,berries,fruits,fungi and insects like snails and caterpillars

Eastern Gray Sqirrel


Gray squirrels are the most common variety 

They are active year round and are day time animals

and have a gestation period of 45 days with 1 to 6 young per litter.There 4 front teeth constantly grow throughout their lives. They are also omnivores eating nuts,acorns,berries,fungi,insects and bird eggs