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Hall's wildlife control/ Raccoon Removal

Raccoon removal

We specialize in Raccoon Removal ,Exclusion and Prevention

Guaranteed Repairs

We preform detailed inspections on your home or business to

find all possible entry points and give  solutions to solve them 

and make recommendations  to prevent future infestations


All  of our Repair work is guaranteed for 1 yr and service calls are

good for 30 days after completion of job !

raccoon diseases and parasites


They  can carry  parasites  that may be transferred to humans such as

round worm (baylisascaris) which can be deadly to humans like Fleas Ticks


They  can carry a number of diseases that can transmitted to humans like Rabies,leplospirosis,Giardiasis,Salmonellosis and E.coli 

raccoon damage

Droppings in Attic


They carry many diseases and parasites

Droppings in Attic


They Bring Parasites like Round Worms and Fleas

Hole in soffitt


They Damage Homes and help other animals

and birds gain access to attics and crawl spaces