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rat removal srevices


Hall's Wildlife Control and Animal Removal

We specialize in Rat Removal,Trapping,Exclusion and Prevention

We perform top to bottom inspections on your homes and businesses to locate all entry points

and give detailed recommendations for solutions 

Guaranteed Repairs

We perform repairs to your home or business to make them animal proof

To exclude and prevent future infestations.

Including gable vents,foundation vents,crawl doors,builders gaps,fan and dryer vents,

holes and wood replacement

Feces Removal and Clean-UP

We perform attic and crawl space clean outs 

Insulation replacement

Rat diseases

Rats and mice carry a number of parasites and diseases

Which are potentially deadly to humans

Including  Hantavirus,Listeria,Salmonellosis and Rat Bite Fever

Rat Damage

Both species of rats cause problems by gnawing on electrical wires,

a/c lines and they tear up insulation in walls and attics and leave

feces and urine in attics and crawl spaces

Rat species

Norway Rats


Are most commonly burrowers they build nests in clumps of vegetation and beneath rubbish or wood piles. When they invade homes and buildings they usually remain in basements or crawl spaces.Females can have 3 to 12 litters per year with 3 to 20 young at a time. They eat a wide range of foods including  nuts,berries,fruits ,grains  and meat proteins

Roof Rats


Live in trees and elevated areas of homes and buildings such as attics,rafters and eaves of roofs as well as crawl spaces. They are attracted to bird feeders and eat a wide variety of foods including nuts ,berries,fruits and grains and are known to be hoarders stashing supplies.        females have 4 to 6 litters a year with 6 to 8 babies each 

House Mice


Mice are the most abundant of rat species and usually live in close proximity to humans.Living in and around houses and landscapes and rubbish piles.Females have 5 to 10 litters per year with 6 to 10 young each. They are omnivorous  primarily feeding  on plant matter but will eat wide variety of foods